«Twelve – Country House» – is a perfect place to spend your spare time with a group of friends, to have a romantic weekend with your partner or exciting holidays with your kids, or to organise team building outings and workshops. This traditional Ukrainian two-story house accomodating up to eight people features famous Russian banja (sauna), is located in Stilsko Village east of Lviv on the lake and river banks. There a convenient store with a hall for 20-25 people (30m2) and billiard table at the site adjoining the facility. Enthusiasts of barbecue are welcome to use barbeque grill and four gazebos (each for up to 6 people). On the lawn that measures about 1 hectare, there is a campsite (camping) available. In the village centre, every evening from Friday until Sunday you can go to the country club (disco). For people who enjoy swimming, the village offers lovely lakes in the middle of pine forest that are located 1 kilometre away from the facility. Aficionados of Ukrainian tradition and culture will find the Ethnographic Museum interesting as it presents ancient history of the area. As Stilsko – it is not only a village situated in Lviv Oblast, but also the capital of a former country – White Croatia. Currently, Horodyshche Stilskie covers a vast area and constitutes the largest of similar old Slavonic facilities. From the Lviv (30 km) bus stop on the Naukova and Stryiska Streets junction, you can reach Trostianets Village and next hop on the bus to Stilsko, which runs every 1-2 hours. By your own means of transport, for example from Lviv – by route E471 / M06 / F 471.

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